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Flax-Linen, Fibre of Civilisation(s)

Flax-Linen has crossed all eras and as many cultures, like an open book on those who have cultivated the flax plant – including spiritually – and spun its fibre into yarn and woven it into linen cloth. It is a territory of experiences where religious practices, agricultural techniques and textile innovations coexist.
A unique gathering of historical and scientific as well as artistic and entrepreneurial contributions, Flax-
Linen, fibre of civilisation(s) weaves an unprecedented dialogue between past and present, emotion and evidence, expertise and the capacity for adaptation.
The book bears witness to the astonishing topicality of plant fibres in our search for ethical production and traceability, innovation and sustainable development. It demonstrates that the future of flax cultivation is possible with respect for humankind and the planet.

septembre, 2023
19.60 x 25.50 cm
320 pages

ISBN : 978-2-330-18211-3
Prix indicatif : 39.00€

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