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Octobre 2017 / 14,0 x 19,0 / 144 pages

traduit du français par : Lisa DAVIDSON
ISBN 978-2-330-08125-6
prix indicatif : 17, 16€

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The Transition starts here, now and together

Corinne COUGHANOWR - Postfacier

One day in 2005, Rob Hopkins, an ordinary British citizen, started knocking on his neighbors’ doors in the small town of Totnes, where he had just settled in. He was proposing that they come together to organize nothing less than a new, locally based economy. A new model, the Transition Town, harnessing resources at hand: no longer expect food to arrive from the other side of the planet at great fuel costs, but instead create short food supply chains and cultivate all the available land (gardens, rooftops, municipal parks); no longer complain about pollution, but bring federate fellow citizens around a project of local renewable energy cooperatives; no longer rail against the banks and the stock markets, but adopt a local currency that enriches the community. His experience has not only been successful in Totnes; it has spread to 1,200 cities in 47 countries. Each of the Transition Towns are transforming their communities, without fanfare, without outside funding, making them more autonomous and more resilient to the crises looming ahead—a network of oases offering a wealth of solutions.
Rob Hopkins’s charisma and his story spur us all to become the best we can be. He has revived a sense of hope, buried under years of resignation and the disillusionment of “economic realism.” The saga of the Transition Towns inspires us all to take action and tap into the unimagined capacities we all have to promote change.
Lionel Astruc has written several books exploring the raw materials sector in France and worldwide, and highlighting the pioneers of the ecological transition. He is also the author of Vandana Shiva Creative Civil Disobedience, published in 2017.

The Transition starts here, now and together

The Transition starts here, now and together

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