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Octobre, 2012 / 19,6 x 25,5 / 256 pages
Coédition nausicaa

traduit de l'anglais par : John TITTENSOR
ISBN 978-2-330-01008-9
prix indicatif : 25, 00€

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Islands of promise

Christine CAUSSE
Jean-pierre MAGNIER - Illustrateur
Isabelle AUTISSIER - Préfacier
Alexis ROSENFELD - Photographe

Are islands signalling what awaits us? No question. For these marginal parts of the world are also home to the seeds of change, to empirical or revolutionary solutions. Hot or cold, big or small, close or distant, overpopulated or deserted, pristine or devastated – what islands have in common is their status as finite territorial entities open to experimental ventures.
Isabelle Autissier
Small islands are in the front line in terms of today’s major environmental challenges. Confronted with global warming, rising sea levels and limited food and water resources, island-dwellers are engaging with long-term preservation of their marine heritage, development of clean, renewable energy and the devising of more sustainable modes of consumption: enterprises their mainland counterparts would do well to emulate.
         Ranging from the Atlantic to the Pacific, and from the Indian Ocean to the icy waters of the far north and south, this book’s grassroots and specialist explorations of distinctive landscapes, cultures and skills offer access to fascinating natural and human laboratories. 
         Making no secret of its spirit of hope and optimism, Islands of Promise is a tribute to the courage, inventiveness and dynamism of island peoples the world over.
Philippe Vallette is an oceanographer and general manager of Nausicaá, France’s National Marine Centre. He is also president of the World Festival of Underwater Pictures and joint president of the World Ocean Network.
Christine Causse is a scientific consultant at Nausicaá and has worked with Team Cousteau and the Ocean Futures Society.
Alexis Rosenfeld is an underwater photography specialist and has published a number of books based on his work all over the world.

Islands of promise

Islands of promise

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