Baie de Somme (Version Anglaise) | Actes Sud
Actes Sud Nature
Conservatoire du Littoral

Mars 2001 / 10,0 x 19,0 / 48 pages
Coédition Dexia

traduit du français par : Michael BURLING
ISBN 978-2-7427-2714-8
prix indicatif : 6, 60€

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Baie de Somme (Version Anglaise)

Jacques BÉAL

Like an initiation ceremony, this book provides the key to two sites which are internationally reknown for the quality of their natural environment: the bay of the Somme and the Marquenterre. Rendez-vous with the wind, light, birds, but also with an old aristocrat, cockle gatherer and the creator of the bird reserve.

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