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Août 2009 / 24,0 x 30,7 / 164 pages

ISBN 978-2-7427-8416-5
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Prix Niépce - 2016

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Seul, l'air

(Only the air…)

Laurence LEBLANC - Photographe

Seul l’air—the title of which refers to a famous poem by Pablo Neruda—is a personal account of a journey across Africa, through Somalia and the Congo in particular, but also through Cuba, Brazil, and Madagascar. Through its images we discover the somehow familiar scars of under-development and indifference. Laurence Leblanc travelled alongside the NGO, Action Contre la Faim, exploring the question: “A country that eats, washes and loves in its dustbins: what can it do?” Through a complex command of light and colour, she captures fl eeting instants, suggestive portraits that tear apart the conventional representations of faces encountered and places visited. “By accepting the subjectivity of the gaze, we escape the Promethean pretension to restore the real,” notes the writer Simon Njami in his introduction to the work. Laurence Leblanc’s Africa is neither metaphor nor abstraction, but is a successful attempt at the visual translation of a perception that is always evasive but still persists.
The work of Laurence Leblanc, winner of the 2003 HSBC Foundation prize, is a work of silent solitude that has an enduring place in the fi eld of contemporary photographic creation. She has a rich knowledge of the medium and its history, and is constantly exploring their depths. She is however careful not let her curiosity or her focus become dispersed through multiple imagery and approaches. A member of the VU’ agency and gallery, Laurence Leblanc exhibits and publishes regularly but also likes to take time out to observe life and let her work mature.

Seul, l'air

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