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Juin, 2009 / 14,8 x 21,0 / 148 pages

ISBN 978-2-7427-8295-6
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Où et Quand Lourdes

(Where and when? -Lourdes-)

Sophie CALLE

I suggested to Maud Kristen, a clairvoyant, to predict my future so as to catch it before it happened. Monday 17 May, 2005, a reading of my cards sends me to Berck. The experience proved convincing. “We start after the holidays,” said Maud.
6 January 2006 I asked the cards if I should take my mother to Lourdes. Maud Kristen took the usual photo. It needed a magnifying glass but there was something about the photo, something around my face. On the 3x4cm Polaroid snap, if you really try, you can make out a golden aura, a halo. Philippe Roth once wrote: “That’s what happens when you write books. There’s a force that forces you to discover things, but there’s also a force that places them in your way. Suddenly all the paths you cross start converging on your obsession.” The cards said: What you will fi nd in Lourdes is related to war. A way of grieving on a larger scale, of transposing a personal story onto a collective level. Entrust your mother to Mary. Ask her to console you. Use a powerful universal symbol to solve a personal problem. Lourdes will help you. Go to Lourdes and meet the Virgin, mother of love, to reconnect with your history. I pinched myself. Maud: “Go to Lourdes. It is a duty. I have the duty to send you wherever I see. It’ll be good.” She says it three times: “It’ll be good. It’ll be good. It’ll be good.” And twice she says: “You have to go. You have to go.” With or without my mother. Ivanka Ivankovic, the young Croat, had just lost her mother when she saw the Virgin in Medjugorje. Disappearance, it seems, brings appearance. My mother dies and my clairvoyant sends my to Lourdes.

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